Take a tour of the Mammoth Hot Springs

The Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs are steaming, earth-warmed bodies of water in northern Wyoming. Walk across the springs via boardwalks and look at the unique rock formations and beautiful landscape of the area. Mammoth Hot Springs of Yellowstone National Park are a fun attraction to visit with people of all age groups.

Where are they located?

The Mammoth Hot Springs address is pretty general, only stating that you'll find the springs in Yellowstone National Park. You can enter this into Google to find the attraction more accurately: X79W+56 Mammoth, Yellowstone National Park, WY.

Distance from Mammoth Hot Springs to Old Faithful: 1-hour-and-20-minute drive. (Old Faithful is south of the hot springs.)

Distance from Gardiner Mt. to Mammoth Hot Springs: 20-minute drive. (Mt. Gardner is north of the hot springs).

If you're looking to get around the area itself, then check out the Mammoth Hot Springs map.

What are the things to do in Mammoth Hot Springs?

Wondering what to do in Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone? Common activities people participate in include:


At the Mammoth Hot Springs restaurants, Mammoth Dining Room or Mammoth Terrace Grill, you get to enjoy delicious food while watching elk roam about outside.

The Mammoth Hotel Dining Room features American dishes like bison burgers, meatloaf, encrusted trout and elk sliders. The Mammoth Terrace Grill features American food like pork sliders, french fries, house salad and hamburgers.


The Mammoth Hot Springs hike or trail takes you through the rock formations surrounding the springs. See the natural plumbing system of the area up close! Just beware of the unpleasant smell of sulfur.

You can also hike the Lower Terraces - North Trailhead to see Liberty Cap and Palette Hot Spring.

Taking photographs

The gorgeous waters and rock formations of Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone are stunning and mesmerizing. Take some photographs of them to commemorate your visit to Wyoming with your family and friends.

What you can't do at Mammoth Hot Springs Wyoming

A lot of people ask, "Can you swim in mammoth hot springs?" No, not really. Mammoth Hot Springs swimming is discouraged because the water is boiling hot and all thermal waters contain organisms that may cause illness (according to the National Park Service).

Additionally, swimming in these hot springs could potentially be dangerous, especially since there isn't a lifeguard present.

If you're looking for a legal place to swim, check out the Boiling River and Firehole Swim Area on this page. One thing to note, though, is that these Yellowstone hot springs sometimes close due to high temperatures or unusual thermal conditions.

You're also not allowed to bring pets.


This place is unreal, magical, some parts feel like the lunar surface. It gets real hot on a sunny day. What a breathtaking view of the surrounding area! Must visit.

Janhavi Patil from Google Reviews

Really stunning place with plenty of hiking trails and board walk trails. It's a great place to see snow capped mountains, hot springs and the wide landscape. Great for visitors of every age. Easy hiking or drive through it.

Milan Sanghvi from Google Reviews

This attraction included lots of stairs and elevation. It isn't suitable for a wheel chair or baby buggy. It was magnificent to say the very least. It was an ice cold day when we were there so the heat was rising out of the vents and turning into big steam clouds. This attraction was very unlike others in the park. It was layers like steps that had formed over the mountain.

Ilovegod1 from TripAdvisor

Visit the hot springs today

Antlers Lodge can provide you with Mammoth Hot Springs lodging that's only an hour away. Enjoy a full day of snowmobiling or cross-country skiing in Montana, then take a dip in the Mammoth Hot Springs (WY). After that, head back to our Mammoth Hot Springs cabins to rest your head. Stay with us today!

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